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About Us


My mad artist brother, Francis and I formed Tee No Evil.  

Ever since we were kids, we were already close.  We'd play with G.I. Joe figures for hours.  On the weekends, we had opportunity to play Nintendo!  Of course, I had to wait my turn as I was the younger brother.  My brother was always Mario and I was Luigi.

We learned the value of hard work as our mom was a single parent.  She had to work two jobs to support us.  My brother and I recycled cans so we can buy comics and toys. 

It was also during this time that we were introduced to horror movies.  We were scared of movies such as Friday The 13th and Dawn Of The Dead.  But we were also intrigued by it.  We wanted to know the reason why they came back from the dead and why Jason wore a mask.  Our curiosity made us a big fan of the horror genre.

I've always been a fan of my brother's art.  He would draw sketches of Batman or Robocop that I'd save.  His dynamic style is what I think makes his art unique.  You can check out more of his art at:


One day, my brother was sketching some zombies and we thought it'd look cool on a shirt.  We showed it friends and family and they liked it.  That pushed us to look at shirt printing.  For the next 3 months we did research on making shirts including screenprinting and fabric.  Once we were ready to print, we decided to go through Kickstarter. 

We were overwhelmed with the response as we were able to reach our goal.  Backers from all over the world supported.  We are so humbled.

Today, we attend art shows, street fairs and comic conventions -sometimes 4 events per month.   Our goal is simple: Provide you with the best tee.  We check each shirt and we make sure  the quality lives up to our standard. 

We push ourselves out of the comfort zone by trying new techniques and designs.  We believe this will give you a unique and fun experience.

If you want to contact us regarding an advice(we love to help out)/suggestions/comments, please shoot us a message. 

My brother Francis (left) and I at Long Beach Comic Con.

On behalf of my brother and Tee No Evil, thanks for your support!

Co founder / Creative Director